Raision seudun koulutuskuntayhtymä – Raseko

Raisio Regional Education and Training Consortium


Raseko’s educational offerings   

Raseko provides vocational education and training for both young and adult students, as well as development services for working life according to the needs of the area. Raseko’s educational institutions are attended daily by about 2 000 youths and several hundred adults.

Raseko’s curriculum is extensive. We offer education and training in the following subjects: engineering, computing and software, hotel, restaurant and catering, business administration, social welfare and health, crafts and design.  In addition, we offer nearly limitless options for adult education and apprenticeship training.

At Raseko we value professional skills, improving your skill level and preparedness for entrepreneurship. We want to develop business life and provide the skills it requires, as well as supporting lifelong learning.

Multi-vocational and flexible    

Raseko offers basic vocational training in a number of different fields. You can graduate as a vehicle assembler, artisan, chef, builder, welder, machinist, maintenance fitter, automation installer (mechanical, metal or electrical), IT technician, design asssitant, practical nurse, home-care giver or associate in business administration.

Alongside studies for a basic vocational degree you can also complete secondary school studies, and if desired, take the matriculation examination. These students complete a double examination – the basic vocational examination and the matriculation examination.

Vocational education and secondary school are applied in the annual state-wide joint application process.

Adult education to meet your needs – Timali Adult Education Centre and Apprenticeship Centre

Raseko also offers vocational education and training for adults applying on their own, education required by labour policy, as well as apprenticeship training.  Studying can be done at work, alongside work or outside of working hours.

Raseko Adult Education Cetre Timali’s main focus is to provide professional training for working-age, lifelong learning and personal development in a wide range of education possibilities and fields.  An individual study plan will be drawn up for each student.

In Raisio, apprenticeship training is offered by the Raisio Apprenticeship Centre. Aapprenticeship training offers you the possibility to acquire yourself vocational qualifications, further vocational qualifications and specialist vocational qualifications in any field of study. Apprenticeship training takes place in the workplace for the most part but training includes also theory classes. You can apply for apprenticeship training at any time by contacting the Raisio Apprenticeship Centre by phone 02- 437 7607 or e-mail oppisopimus (at) raseko.fi

Services and development of business life

Raseko’s institutions offer many types of services to area residents, businesses and the community. At the Raseko Vocational College, students in the automotive department perform maintenance and repairs as trainees. Restaurant and café services are offered at Restaurant ’Rosmariini’ (Eeronkuja 3, Raisio) and at Timali trainee restaurant in ’Timjami’ (Juhaninkuja 1, Raisio). Development services for entrepreneurship and business life are offered in Timali and through apprenticeship training agreements.

International co-operation

Raseko offers its students and personnel a number of different ways to gain international experience. We cooperate with a wide network of partner institutions and companies mainly in Europe but also in Asia. The students can get a training placement abroad through our extensive partner network

Student and staff mobility periods are arranged mainly through mobility programmes like Erasmus+.

In case you want more detailed information about Raseko’s international activities, please contact our Head of International Cooperation: Hannu Koivisto, hannu.koivisto (at) raseko.fi, tel. +358 44 705 7696

Raseko’s vision    

Raseko is a successful, independent, nationally recognised organiser of vocational education, and a developer of business life.

Owners of the consortium – Decision making

Raisio Regional Education and Training Consortium is owned by six municipalities in southwest Finland: Masku, Mynämäki, Naantali, Nousiainen, Raisio and Rusko.

The Consortium Council is the highest decision-making body with its 12 members, as well as an alternate for each member. The Council is usually having two meetings per year.

Education and Training Consortium’s Board of Directors is responsible for implementation. The Board consists of a chairman and six members selected by the Council, one of whom is designated as the vice-chairman.  In addition, the Council designates a personal alternate for each member.

Raseko’s executive team includes the directors of education fields, i.e. principals and the administrative training supervisor, as well as the administration director. The executive group is led by the  the director of the consortium.


Vocational education and training in Finland is financed primarily by a state subsidy paid per student (unit) as well as equalisation payments for adult education. The municipal portion is distributed among all Finnish municipalities based on population. In addition to the subsidy paid per unit, training activities and students’ work provide some income, and the state also pays operating subsidies to the adult education centre.