The Council of the Consortium is the highest decision-making body of the consortium. The Council is composed of 12 members and each member is appointed a personal deputy member. The Council normally meets twice a year. The Council is responsible for the operations and finances of the consortium, exercises the consortium’s power to take decisions and transfers the consortium’s power of decision under the administrative regulations.

The Board of the Consortium manages the operations, administration and finances of the consortium. The Board is responsible for coordinating the operations of the consortium and its personnel policy, in addition to managing internal control and organizing risk management. The Board is responsible for the preparation and implementation of decisions taken by the Council and reviewing their legality. The Board consists of a chairperson and six members appointed by the Council. Two members are elected as vice chairpersons. In addition to these, the Council chooses a personal deputy for each member. The authority of the Board and the officeholders is enacted in the administrative regulations, which are approved by the Council.