Undergraduate structure

The scope of the professional bachelor’s degree (pt) is 180 competence points (osp). Undergraduate studies include compulsory and optional professional degree components as well as common degree components (YTO).

Professional parts of the degree 145 osp
Common parts of the degree 35 osp

Vocational and special professional qualifications

Includes only professional parts of the degree. The scope of the vocational qualification (at) is 120 or 150 competence points and the special vocational examination (eat) 180 competence points.

Instead of completing the entire degree, the student may choose to complete only one part of the degree. This is a great way to increase your own knowledge in the field or even try a whole new field.

The basics of all degrees can be found in the National Board of Education’s ePerusteet service:

Basics of all degrees in the Study Path

Common parts of the degree (YTO) in undergraduate degrees
The scope of the common degree components (YTO) is a total of 35 osp and they consist of three degree components, the so-called From the YTO basket.

These are

  • Communication and interaction skills, min. 11 osp
  • Mathematical-scientific competence, min. 6 osp
  • Skills in society and working life, min. 9 osp

Note! In addition, the common parts of the degree include optional competence goals of nine competence points according to the student’s path choice. The path selection is made no later than January of the first year of study. The compulsory common parts of the degree and the path studies of the common parts of the degree are a total of 35 competence points.

Studies supporting study readiness (OPVA studies)
The purpose of studies that support study readiness is to increase the student’s preconditions for participating in and completing professional degree training. At Raseko, OPVA studies are planned according to the needs of the students together with the teachers in charge. You can get more information about the OPVA offer from your teacher in charge and your teacher.

OPVA studies do not accumulate competence points and cannot be included as part of the degree as such.