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Student guidance FAQ

Frequently asked questions

What is a continuous search?

Continuous application means that there are several start dates for a course. For some fields, you can apply at any time. For sector-specific information on the start date and application period, please see the Raseko website.

Can I study in English?

At Raseko, vocational studies are conducted in Finnish.

How good do I need to be in Finnish in order to study?

How good is it to study in Finnish? When you are admitted to a course, your language skills will be assessed.

When can I apply to study?

For detailed information on the continuous search, see Raseko’s website (in Finnish, “Koulutustarjonta”). For the joint application see the application deadlines at

Is there an entrance exam?

In some fields there is an aptitude test. For more information, see the Raseko website.

Does it cost money to study?

Undergraduate vocational studies are free of charge. You can also study a further vocational or specialist vocational qualification at Raseko, in which case you may be charged a fee.

What support can I get for my studies?

Check with Kela whether you are eligible for student financial aid: If you are an adult student, you may be eligible for income-related adult education support The TE Office may give unemployed jobseekers the opportunity to study with unemployment allowance.

Is there a dormitory or student accommodation in Raseko?

There is no dormitory in Raseko.