Facts about Raisio region and Finland

Raisio region

Raseko’s main campus is in City of Raisio, in Southwest Finland. Raisio Regional Education and Training Consortium (Raseko) is owned by six municipalities: Raisio, Naantali, Rusko, Nousiainen, Masku and Mynämäki. Raseko has also study locations in Naantali and Mynämäki.

Raisio is a vibrant and bustling town on Finland’s west coast. With a total of 25,000 inhabitants and 1,500 businesses, Raisio retains a charming small-town feel while offering a full range of services for residents.

With a long and fascinating heritage, strong history as a trading centre and robust support for enterprise Raisio has established itself as a significant hub in the area. Raisio offers a high quality of life for all, with its leafy suburbs and a wide choice of properties. Businesses can also choose from a variety of premises and land available for development. A great road network, an airport, two ports and rail links are all located within a ten-kilometre radius of the town.

In Raisio, we have a wealth of opportunities for leisure activities, including beautiful stretches of unspoilt nature
accessible from your doorstep, a wide choice of sports facilities in the town area and a cosy marina that serves as a gateway to the most beautiful archipelago anywhere in the world.

Facts about Finland

Finland in Finnish: Suomi
Independent republic since 1917
Member of the European Union since January 1995
Population: 5.5 million
Total area: 338,144 km², of which 10% is water and 69% forest; Europe’s largest archipelago, including the
semi-autonomous province of Åland.

Distances in Finland: 1,160 km north to south, 540 km east to west. Finland’s land border with Russia (1,269 km) is the eastern border of the European Union.

Distances to Raisio:
Helsinki 157km
Turku 6.5km
Turku airport 10km
Turku railway station 7km
Tampere 141km
Jyväskylä 273km
Oulu 530km
Rovaniemi 690km
St. Petersburg 550km

Official languages: Finnish 89.3%, Swedish 5.3%, other languages 5.3%
Religion: Lutheran (78%) and Orthodox (about 1.1%)
GDP: 37827 EUR per capita (2015)
Education: 78 % of the population aged 25 to 64 have completed upper secondary or tertiary education and 35 % have university or other tertiary qualifications.

Other nice facts about Finland:
There are more saunas than cars in Finland.
In Finland, 9 out of 10 plastic bottles are returned for recycling and almost 100% of glass bottles are also recycled.
In 2010, Finland became the first country in the world to make internet access a legal right.
Mobile phone throwing is an official sport in Finland.
Finland has more heavy metal bands per capita than any other country in the world.
The Brown bear is the national animal of Finland.


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